Entertainment and Nightlife at Vijayawada

Vijayawada is an upcoming city with a rising urban population. The crowd of the city is dynamically transforming from a traditional group of elites to more outgoing and modern younger generation who prefer to enjoy with their friends and family in restaurants, clubs and catch movies at multiplexes. The city has adapted well to the needs and demands of the present generation.
Cinema Halls in Vijayawada

Movies at Vijayawada

Speaking of theatres, Vijayawada has a couple of multiplexes under names like INOX and PVR. PVR owns is a four screen multiplex located at MG road, the shopping hub in the city. The other multiplex is INOX located in the LEPL Icon Mall. A couple of PVR screens are located at the Ripple Mall and at Gandhinagar in the city. Another upcoming multiplex, owned by PVP Cinemas, is about to start operating in Vijayawada on the much popular MG road. Apart from the big names, the city has a plethora of theaters strewn across its length and breadth. The city boasts of 45 theatres and is touted to be the nerve center of Telugu movies. Also known as Cine Rajdhani the box office reviews at Vijayawada are closely watched to get a feel of the success of any Telugu movie. Apart from Telugu, people also enjoy watching Hindi and English movies here.

Amusement Parks in Vijaywada

Apart from movies, people of Vijayawada also enjoy organizing trips to various getaways. Water sports are a much loved Sunday Outing for many. Sibar Disneyland and Water Park offer complete entertainment with pools, water slides and other fun activities for the whole family. Apart from conventional water sports, Sibar Disneyland houses a park where puppet shows, traditional bullock cart rides are also available. All in all it’s a full day package for the entire family. Haailand Resort is another popular weekend getaway. This place has innumerable activities for one and all from water rides to swimming to shopping. Apart from such fun parks, people also enjoy going for picnics to spots like Bhavani Islands. Boating is very popular there. This is located right next to Club Continental which is a high end premier club. This houses entertainment facilities for the entire family. Right from a gymnasium, to spa to sports infrastructure for skating, tennis, swimming to indoor games like chess, carom and snooker this club has something for everyone. It houses a library for a leisurely afternoon reading a book of your choice and also a discotheque for youngsters.
Gaming Zone in Vijayawada

Gaming Zones in the City

The city has some exciting options in terms of gaming arcades. Planet Fun at MG road is one of most popular hangout zones in the city and has activities like bowling, Chocolate room and much more. SVM Gaming Zone is one of the most popular arcades in the city with all kind of gaming kiosks right from bowling to video games and much more. There are two such gaming zones one located at LEPL Centro Mall and the other is at LEPL Icon Mall.

Pubs and Clubs in Vijayawada

Nightlife in city can be enjoyable if you visit posh up market hotels which have pubs and clubs for their guests. These places are a perfect getaway for party animals who wish to enjoy a drink with friends and groove to the music. These clubs are well maintained and offer varieties of snacking items along with the drinks. Since these are located in some of the best hotels of the city, they are bound to be visited by the most elite of Vijayawada. Fortune Hotel Murali Park located at MG road has one of the best bar & lounge in the city. Another place where the youth of the city chill out is called Rocks the Bar located at Gandhinangar.
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