Healthcare Services in Vijayawada

A city of the magnitude of Vijayawada cannot survive without a well developed health infrastructure to support the emergency and non-emergency medical requirements of the people. Vijayawada has comprehensive medical facilities which provides well for the physically ill. The city abounds in quality hospitals, specialty care centers, and emergency healthcare facilities. Equipped with all modern and updated equipments, the care centers in Vijayawada are sufficient to provide round the clock service to the sick and ailing.

Many hospitals in Vijaywada have a separate ward equipped with ventilators and testing lab for the treatment of patients affected by Corona virus. They also set up helpline for corona affected patients. Pathlabs in Vijaywada are equipped to carry out RT-PCR, COVID-19 Antigen Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests for the treatment of patients affected by Covid 19. You can also find medicines for Covid 19 patients in this part of Andhra Pradesh. Not just is the healthcare sector a necessity but it also provides a base to the economic development for the city by providing jobs to the residents as medical practitioners, pathologists, dental assistants and other allied services related to healthcare.

Healthcare Services in Vijayawada

Government Hospitals in Vijayawada

Every city is defined by the public healthcare services which support the needs of the common masses who cannot afford treatment in public healthcare centers. Vijayawada has a fleet of well maintained  government hospitals which provide healthcare services at convenient rates to the common residents of the city. Government General Hospital, Government Dental College and Hospital, Charithasri Hospital are a few best known government hospitals in Vijayawada.

Private Hospitals in Vijayawada

The city abounds in highly advanced and specialized multi-specialty private hospitals which helsps both locals and also aids in promoting medical tourism. They have well advanced services for diseases afflicting lungs, gastro intestines, orthopedics, trauma care, kidneys and brain. Some of the most relied upon private hospitals in Vijayawada are Nagarjuna Hospitals, Aayush Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Chaitanya Eye Hospital, Giridhar ENT Hospital, and Girija Neuro Center.

Nursing Homes in Vijayawada

The city of Vijayawada abounds in private nursing homes and care centers with world class healthcare facilities. Apart from the multispecialty hospitals, Vijayawada is dotted with such care centers specializing in services like physiotherapy and paralysis care, diagnostic services, general healthcare to name a few. Some of the most relied nursing homes in Vijayawada are Aswinee Nursing Home, Sri Sai Sathya Nursing Home and Bharathi Nursing Home.

Ayurvedic Healthcare in Vijayawada

Vijayawada also has a fleet of ayurvedic care centers in the city to provide the ancient form of medicine to the people. The Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Swami Ramdavjis Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Agrogold Ayursukha, Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal are some of the best ayurvedic treatment centers in Vijayawada.

Medical Stores in Vijayawada

Medical supplies stores and pharmacies form an integral part of any healthcare system. Pharmacies operating round the clock in the city are an important source of life saving medication. Vijayawada is supported by numerous 24 hours operating pharmacies and medical stores namely Apollo Pharmacies Hetero Pharmacies spread out through the length and breadth of the city of Vijayawada.

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