Kondapalli Fort

For all those who often question that Vijayawada has to nothing to offer for history buffs, here is the answer. Kondapalli Fort - a noteworthy 13th century structure located in the small town of Kondapalli in the Krishna district, Vijayawada is an ideal stop for history lovers. The fort that is passably regarded as an offbeat tourist destination is just 16 km away from the city centre of Vijayawada. The fort is the ideal choice for history lovers who visit the beautiful city of Vijayawada. At present, the Andhra Pradesh state department of archaeology has taken in charge of restoration activities of the Kondapalli Fort and other constructions situated within its boundaries. Let's get to sink in the history and significance of the Konapalli Fort in detail.

Kondapalli Fort

The Kondapalli Fort is situated on the western side to the city of Vijayawada in the important range of kill called as Kondapalli (Krishna district). The range of hills that is about 15 miles in length broadens between Nandigama and Vijayawada. The fort was actually constructed during the year 1360 by the Hindu kings of the Reddi kingdom (1325–1448 CE) of Kondavid. Nevertheless, for the succeeding centuries, the fortified defensive structure was the host of a lot of warfares amongst several southern and northern Indian kings and the Brits.

Birds eye view Kondapalli Fort

During the year 1541, the fort and the surrounding areas were captured by the Muhammadans. The following centuries witnessed the fort; pass through many hands that include the Bahmani Sultanate, medieval Hindu dynasty of Gajapatis (Orissa), Krishnadevaraya - emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire, kings of the Qutb Shahi dynasty and a few other kingdoms. Finally, it was during 1766, the Kondapalli Fort was totally taken over by the British and they converted into an armed forces training infrastructure. It is important to note that even though the fort was controlled by different kingdoms at different times, the most significant developments and enlargements of the fort took place during the control of the Hindu kings of the Reddi kingdom.

Kondapalli fort fourcourt

The Kondapalli Fort features three different entranceways. The primary entry gate is popularly called as the ‘Dargha Darwaja’ that was constructed with a single massive block of granite. The gate is 12 feet broad and 15 feet tall. The name 'Dargha Darwaja' came from the tomb of Gulab Shah, who was defeated in a conflict in this fort. The next entry gate that is located on the other end of the hill is called as 'Golconda Darwaza’, which heads to Jaggaiahpet village located on the banks of the Paleru River. The bastioned architectural partition has columns and crenellations.

Armouries at Kondapalli Fort

Tanisha Mahal is found on the far most end of the fort. The historic mahal is found on a summit between two mounds. It is said that the Tanisha Mahal featured several chambers on the ground level and a monumental antechamber on the top floor. There is a group of buildings used to house military personnel during the British control still exist in the fort arena, which has eight magnanimous rooms, apart from a mansion in an annex. A British graveyard is also found in the fort. On the whole, the fort comprises of three inviolable walls.

View of Kondapalli fort

Some of the major attractions of the Kondapalli Fort include the Dancing hall, the Rani Mahal and the arched hall, dargah of Gareeb Sahib - a renowned Persian saint (situated beside the Dargah Darwazah gate) and so on. Bordering the fort is the small town of Kondapalli which is celebrated for its toys (Kondapalli Bommalu) that are brilliantly coloured and portray Indian motifs.

Tidbits for Visitors:

Location of Kondapalli Fort:
Ghat Road, Kondapalli, Krishna District, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

How to Reach:
Kondapalli Fort is well connected by road from Ibrahimpatnam and Kondapalli village. It is just 16 km by road from the city centre of Vijayawada on National Highway 221 (NH 221. Hyderabad–Vijayawada railroad line passes across Kondapalli village. To reach the fort by any vehicle, there is a connecting road available from Jupudi village, on National Highway 9 (NH 9).

Nearest Railway Station:
Vijayawada Junction Railway station (station code: BZA)

Nearest Airport:
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (IATA: HYD, ICAO: VOHS)

Suitable for:
History lovers, adventure seekers

Approximate Visit Duration:
1 to 2 hours

Things to Do:
From the small town of Kondapalli, the fort can be approached through a 1000 m adventuresome trekking path through the forest

Fort Timings:
10:30 AM to 05:00 PM (all days of the week)

Entry Fee:
Rs. 5 per head

Nearby Places of Interest:
Sai Baba Temple: 1.2 km
Shiva Temple: 1.3 km
Chilukuru: 3.5 km
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